• Ting Nice

    Nutmeg and Spice and Everything Nice. The rich and warm fragrance of nutmeg with the smooth notes of cinnamon and vanilla makes it one of our most popular scents.
    Notes: Top-Butter, almond. Middle-Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg. Bottom-Vanilla, tonka

  • Tasty Treat

    Capture the sweetness of the islands with this blend of tasty tropical fruits. The exotic notes of citrus, mango and papaya gives you a festive mood.

    Notes: Top-Citrus, Middle -Green, mango and Papaya , Base-Sweet musk.

  • Tangy Ting

    This Citrus and Herb combination brings to you the subtle hints of bergamot that gives you a sweet and tart refreshing combination.

    Notes: Top- Grapefruit Mint, Rhubarb. Middle-Rose, Lavender, Apple. Base-Vanilla

  • Sweet Aroma

    A delicate floral aroma that brings out the sweetness of agava and honeydew. This botanical scent is like fresh-cut flowers on a sunny day.

    Notes: Top-Line, agave and
    honeydew. Middle-green leaves and floral, Base-Powder and violet.

  • Sweet Suga

    The sweet smell of sugarcane mixed with the fresh dewy mountain air makes this candle an escape into a tropical forest.

    Notes Top: Citrus, DewyMiddle: Ozonic, Green Bottom: Sugar, Sandalwood, Musk