About Us

Calypso is a brand created by two Grenadian sisters who remembers their childhood growing up with the warmth and happiness of our island. One thing that always takes us back to moments growing up is the unexpected scent of the island that makes us feel like we are back home; in our grandmothers kitchen, on the beach or walking through the local market on a Saturday morning. We decided why not have those scents surround us when we're missing home...and Calypso was born. We created this brand by bringing together the three things that we love the most, the nostalgia of growing up in the Caribbean , the beauty of island life and of course each other. 

 We  hope that our brand would bring the smell and feel of the Caribbean into your space, to make you want to relax and whine down slow till the candle burns down low. 

Bring an authentic Caribbean smell to your home and personal space with our candles. Our candles will give you the ability to relax and have your mind take you to your island destination. Our candles are created with a blend of waxes and hand poured with island love. 

xoxo Two Caribbean Sisters